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Eris the Sand Ghost by Toaofnight
Eris the Sand Ghost
A souvenir of the times when I was interested in Betrayus and this whole Ghost stuff. Because I have some weird obsession about coming out from body (especially after watching Ghost in the Shell anime). I wanted create new type of ghost and put Eris in some surprising situation. 
Eris Nui the Ice Elemental as Sand Ghost.
Who would have expected?
From the briefcase in Inspector Zenigata's desk:

12 May 2016- the first case: theft Crystal Crown. The perpetrator: a woman dressed as kunoichi, athletic. Motion sensors didn't react for her as if no one beside them passed.

17 May 2016- the second case: suspected of stealing the crown bought two types of wine and tried to escape. She escaped from the police statio about half an hour after his arrest (the officer, who lead an interrogating, was intoxicated with an unknown drug in the course of the investigations).

Data of suspect:

First name/nickname: Eris.

Last name: unknown.

Origin: Unknown, looks a bit like a representative of the race Mediterranean*.

Age: Unknown, she looks like twenties.

Appearance: thin, triangular face, slim silhouette, olive skin, dark hair (black or dark brown, hard to say for sure) to the shoulders, slightly wavy blue eyes (contacts?), Narrow, slightly upturned nose, thin lips, medium length nails (why do I need this information?), slightly pointed earlobes.

Notes: fast, strong (for the attitude of the arm she used more force than is necessary), limber, she took my magazine from the gun. She may be someone from the Lupin's environment, or follower, but still- talented thief.

After the injury in the leg (probably broken bone) still capable of rapid movement.

I need more data, her exact strategy and methods are not yet known to me. But I know that she has a weakness for sweet wines (often provided with Vinoteca "Silver glass"), but how can I use this information?

Although the trap of wine as bait could do something.


Apartment in a building in the old town, which Lupin hired for himself and his friends, was a small, but quite cozy and well furnished. Gentlemen honestly paid the rent and were not making trouble for owners. At least officially.

"Zenigata? After the woman?" asked uncertainly sprawled on the couch Daisuke Jigen, the best shooter of the world, repeating what he had heard from Lupin "Our Zenigata, Pops?"

"You know, it's not impossible," said Lupin pacing nervously around the living room. "But when I saw her... I don't know how to say it... I had a kind of feeling."

"Why with her and not with Fujiko?" growled shooter. Thief-gentleman gave him a murderous look, but did not comment on this "What do we do, boss? We follow?"

"Her and Pops, just in case" Lupin thoughtfully lit a cigarette. "Will you check a databases?"

"I'll do what I can," Jigen shrugged. "And what will we do in the meantime? Do you have anything on the eye except of the Cadillac?"

"Yup" Lupin smiled slyly and gave a friend a newspaper. Gunman glared at the first page and was stunned.

"It's... this?" asked cautiously Jigen. Lupin nodded with a truly devilish grin, "Great. So when do we start?"


"Inspector" Lieutenant Novak**, twenty-five Croat, assigned as an aid to Zenigata, came into the office with a card in his hand, "Message for you, sir! Someone threw it into the hall. Together with a grenade"

"What?!" Zenigata stopped writing the report, and jumped to his feet, "Grenade...! So this thud a moment ago...! Jesus, and I thought that one of you knocked over something, or what!"

"Sir, a letter..." Novak reminded gently giving the officer a piece of paper.

"Ah yes. I'm sorry"- Inspector almost tore a message apart. He recognized a handwriting without a problem "Tear of Isis, a diamond from diadem of opera singer, Katrina Canzone, will be mine~ Lupin III. Lieutenant, please check where and when will the next performance of this lady."

"That won't be necessary" the lieutenant pulled out a leaflet advertising the National Theatre in Zagreb. Katrina had Canzone occur on May 20, the opera Fri. Turandot. "I wanted it to go with my wife, she likes such things."

"Ah yes," Zenigata rubbed his chin "Twentyth is tomorrow. Tomorrow! Shit! Do you have contact with the police in Zagreb?! Yeah?! So call to them and warn, and if they have doubts, then give my name and say them to call ICPO headquarters. And get me a map with connections to Zagreb, I have to get there today. "

"I can lift you there, sir" said the young lieutenant with a smile. "Please, let me do this, I'll somehow explain this to my wife. Such actions aren't daily for us!"

And after a while the two cops went to Zagreb.

Or rather, Novak went, Zenigata was dying of fear in the passenger seat during each turn (that day roads were empty, even the tourists disappeared somewhere).
Croatian Job- chapter 5
*In Anthropology, Caucasian type, which include the Europeans, divided into so-called. races, which include, inter alia, race Mediterranean, Nordic and so on. I think that Zenigata as an experienced police officer, working first in Tokyo and then traveling around the world on behalf of Interpol, knows anthropology, or at least know the basics of it.

**Novak is one of the popular names in Croatia. I'm not joking.


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Kora Magna
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi! My name's Kora Magna or Lucy. I'm from Poland, from Poznan. I like draw and write stories. My favorite films is Bionicle.

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